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I am Neerja Mahajan

and I’m on a mission to help corporate executives, leaders, business owners achieve success and greater happiness in their lives. I’ve been in the corporate sector for over 30 years, and I combine my deep understanding of life skills with my extensive experience in marketing expertise to create the Wisdom Leadership Program, a revolutionary program designed to help aspiring individuals to transform into holistic personalities and leaders.

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Welcome to the Wisdom Leadership Program (WLP)!

We know that life skills make up 80% of success, while expertise makes up the remaining 20%. That’s why we are focused on helping you develop your life skills to become an effective leader. Through WPL, you’ll learn how to communicate effectively with your teams, understand their needs and concerns, navigate challenging situations, and build trust. Developing your emotional intelligence, empathy, resilience, and adaptability can help you unlock the full potential of yourself and those around you. We truly believe in the power of life skills to give you the tools to become an inspiring leader.

WLP is a great opportunity to further develop your "Inner" leadership strengths and not only take your career to the next level but become a charismatic person.

What you will gain in Wisdom Leadership Program

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A transformed personality attracting respect, aura and abundance

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You will vibrate at higher frequency to reach the big dream

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Adapting positivity and happiness in life- the crux of our existence and hard work

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Better decision maker with holistic perspective
and insight

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Will be the sought after candidate for leadership positions

Who will benefit from the program

Corporate executives

Entrepreneurs and professionals

Management students

School/College faculty

My Mentors

Blair Singer

The World Renowned International Trainer

Surendarn J

CEO Success Gyan

Thaddeus lawrence

The International
Integral Coach

Sidharath Rajshekhar

India’s leading Digital Coach

Puja Puneet

India’s best Mindset Coach

Prachi Mayekar

The Emotional Mastery Coach

My Mission

My mission is to work on the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development of each individual to help them reach new heights of success. We strive to empower individuals to take charge of their life and tap into their inner potential to achieve greatness. By cultivating and nurturing the unique capabilities of each person, we can unlock limitless possibilities for personal growth, success and happiness.

My Big Vision for Year 2030

I envision a future where India is a 10 trillion-dollar economy by 2030 and the world’s third-largest economy by 2047. Now let’s make it a reality! My goal for 2030 is to create 100,000 empowered individuals who will play an instrumental role in driving the incredible growth story of India. Together, let’s make India’s dreams come true!

Wisdom leadership program is a journey of transformation to become a version 2.0 of yourself.

Are you ready to take the next step in your personal and professional development?


12-weeks program

  • Weekly Coaching
  • 6 Courses to set Foundation
  • Private Network
  • Support Forum

12-weeks program

  • All in Sliver +
  • 7 Advanced Courses
  • Tools and Template
  • Step-by-Step Action

12-weeks program

  • All in Sliver + Gold +
  • Weekly Ask-Me-Anything
  • Accountability System
  • Priority System

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